Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day for Passion

It's February 14, so Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day - a day to profess our love to others, to let them know they are special to us. Not only does the day make me think about love and those I love, but it also makes me think of passion. 

There are some really great quotes from famous people about passion. My favorite one is this:

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." Nelson Mandela

Webster's Dictionary defines passion as 
1. an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction, and 
2. a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

So I thought to myself: This blog is about passion. What am I passionate about? What intense feeling or conviction do I have in my life? What activity am I devoted to? 

I am devoted to eating well.

But is that it? Really? And why am I asking so many questions? Is this what they call a "mid-life crises"? A re-evaluation of where I am in life and what else I want to get out of it? I think so.

So that's what I'm doing today - thinking about my passion. It's an apropos subject today, and "food for thought".

So, what am I making for dinner tonight, you ask? Heart-healthy salmon (it's red!) and  chocolate lava cake. 

Hope whatever you're making is made with love and passion!

The rose is red, the violet's blue,
The honey's sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Fortune said it shou'd be you.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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