Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free cooking classes from Jamie Oliver

Check out what I just read this morning. If you live near Long Beach, California and have kids, you are in for a treat. Free cooking classes from a celebrity chef!

The Long Beach Press Telegram article I read features a story about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution truck that has rolled into their town. I'm sure many of you have heard of his Food Revolution television show (been on for 4 years and has received an Emmy), but I had no idea he had this 50' semi-truck driving across the country! Complete with eight cooking stations and six ovens, kids learn how to cook in it. Awesome.

I love this guy. I've watched his shows over the years and read and cooked from many of his cookbooks. I really enjoy his style. It's casual, uncomplicated, home-cooking based on simple ingredients anyone can easily put together.

And how many people really put into practice that they preach? He is making it his mission to change the school lunch program in America, as he's done in his native England (it's been no easy task). Educating American kids on how to cook for themselves, so they can have more control over what they are eating is another one of his goals. He wants to put an end to childhood obesity.

I commend him for his efforts and think for this very reason, celebrity is a great thing: when you put it to good use, raising enough money to make things like this happen for the betterment of society. Jamie says he is dedicating the next 20 years of his life to this cause.

The truck starts in California and heads east. For more information on what Jamie's up to click here.

If you get the Cooking Channel, check out his show, Jamie at Home. He's a lot of fun to watch (and the English accent's pretty cute, too!).

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