Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Garden Update

Here it is - almost the end of summer. Hard to believe because we haven't had the usual heat we normally do (90 or above). It's been a beautiful 75-80 all this time while the rest of the country is baking in its own juices, so to speak.

And what has my little veggie garden been up to, you ask? Well, despite the glorious weather, a lack of time on our part has caused the garden to be somewhat neglected. Though the cherry tomato plants have been producing their daily quotient of fruit for our salads, the squashes and cucumbers are growing sloooooooooooowly despite the fertilizing and consistent watering. Mmmmmmm......

But the good news is there have been a few new budding squashes to watch. They grow on an almost daily basis, which is a lot of fun. I look forward to making a lot of stuff when these babies mature: stuffed zucchini, tomato and zucchini compote, zucchini muffins, and zucchini relish.

Look at the pretty yellow flowers the cucumber plants put forth! I never knew that they did that. Creamy cool cucumber and yogurt salad awaits them!


  1. Your cucumbers are really cute and all of your veggies are really doing well. I just harvested my squash and sautéed it in butter. It tastes good. And nothing can beat fresh veggies from a garden.

  2. Yummy! Creamy cucumber salad! That sounds delicious. May I have a recipe of it? I would love to try this with my cucumber. Your garden looks great and your cucumbers too.


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